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Sarah Nehama, has been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry for the past 20 years. She makes her home and has her studio in the historic Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain.

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22K Branch Coral and South Sea Pearl Amulet Pendant

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22K Branch Coral and South Sea Pearl Amulet Pendant


22K Branch Coral and South Sea Pearl Amulet Pendant

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A spectacular piece of natural Mediterranean branch coral in a very desirable shiny tomato-red color. Each branch is capped in 22K; the top has a loop so a chain or a silk or velvet cord can be passed through and three large baroque-shaped natural color South Sea pearls are suspended from the lower three branches.
Coral has been used as amuletic jewelry since ancient Egypt. The blood-red color was thought to cure depression and kidney ailments. Historically it was also used to protect pregnant women against spells, and infants and children against evil. In Christianity, the color relates to the life-force and the blood of Christ, foretelling his crucifixion when displayed in religious iconography. By the 19th century, children were given coral necklaces to wear for protection, and the branches were even incorporated into their teething items and toys such as rattles.

Measurements: 4” from top of bale to lowest pearl. Pearls measure between 10.5mm to 11mm.