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Sarah Nehama, has been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry for the past 20 years. She makes her home and has her studio in the historic Boston neighborhood of Jamaica Plain.

Buy from her latest collection or commission a custom jewel.

Sterling Pendant with Malachite

Silver Jewelry

Sterling Pendant with Malachite


Sterling Pendant with Malachite

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A large high-domed round malachite cabochon set in a burnished silver claw setting with the back open and a large bale at the top. The malachite has been in my collection for over 20 years and was mined in what was known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, now called the Republic of Zaire. I believe the mine where such high quality malachite was found has been closed for some time. The stone presents much more beautifully in person, with a high degree of chatoyancy in the darker parts of the stone (hard to capture!).

Measurements: 1 7/8" including bale, diameter of the stone is 1 3/8", height of stone is approx. 1/2".
One of a kind.